Tantrickink – Dare to lead dare to love (ebook)

140 kr

Tantrickink – Dare to lead dare to love – ebook in English. After purchase you can download the book one time!

In the book u find exercises to try on your own and a lot of inspiration to play more both inside and outside of your bedroom.

Are You ready to play?
This book Tantrickink – dare to lead love to play is a playful book written in a light-hearted manner to tickle your imagination and encourage you to dare to play more!

The book provides answers on Tantrickink and a little about those who practice both tantra and BDSM. Are they truly crazy, or have they simply retained their ability to play?
The exercises in the book are easy to follow and invite you to explore tantric BDSM on your own.
By doing the exercises, you create conditions for personal development. If you play according to the agreed-upon rules, you can take a few steps outside of your comfort zone!
It’s time to start to play!